Ross Gilbert joins the team as MNO Partnership Lead and Business Development Director.

Ross joins Stacuity to head up the onboarding of additional Mobile Network Operator Partnerships, bringing to Stacuity the benefit of 2 decades of experience and contacts within the telecommunications sector.

Recently working within the mobile identity space with Sekura Mobile Intelligence, Ross has a proven track record of delivering successful technology projects and integrations with a plethora of multinational companies.

Ross commented

‘I engaged with the Stacuity team initially to learn more about their innovative technology that offers operators the opportunity to enhance connectivity service offerings. I quickly recognised that the Stacuity solution enables differentiators that can assist MNO and MVNO’s to battle the ever-increasing margin squeeze on connectivity by providing truly original features to end customers. Examples include enabling self-service provisioning of virtual private networks per SIM, securing ‘dumb’ and vulnerable IoT endpoints in the mobile network, flexible data routing per SIM including local break-out and self-serve real-time packet capture for troubleshooting. These are significant advancements, enabled by a revolutionary software-defined mobile core network capability.

My aim is to continue to develop a global partners channel for Stacuity to compliment MNO and MVNO’s current service offerings. There is no requirement when working with Stacuity to change current connectivity partners and commercials – Stacuity operate as a neutral partner who can bring benefits to all parties – additional traffic to MNO’s and additional service features to MVNO’s.

Stacuity also deploy local packet gateways (P-GW) for customers – a service which is increasingly in demand, to lower latency or retain traffic in country to meet product or regulatory requirements. The Stacuity P-GW as-a-service proposition enables customers to optimise their global network footprint, via a cost-effective deployment model which eliminates significant upfront capex costs and burdens on limited engineering resources.’

In addition to working with MNO partners, Ross who is based in Hungry, will be supporting the European Business Development team at Stacuity leveraging his wealth of experience and industry knowledge.

Roberta Castle CSO for Stacuity commented

‘Ross is a great addition to our sales team as we expand our global presence and grow our partner and customer base with innovators who recognise the need to differentiate their service offerings through collaboration. Ross’s strength lies in his ability to align technical knowledge with commerciality and Ross will be a fantastic asset to Stacuity.’

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