Ian Quayle joins the stacuity team to lead our technical operations

As we onboard customers to our high availably, self-service, secure, and globally distributed platform the demands on our own infrastructure grow.

We are delighted to welcome Ian Quayle to the team.

Ian will be leading the expansion and operational support of own infrastructure and connectivity as we support our customer in their requirements such as deploying local P-GWs and integrations with their current connectivity partners.

We chatted to Ian about his career to date, why he chose to join stacuity and his first few weeks in the role:

Individual positions have varied a lot since moving in to the tech arena (when the Millenium bug was still going to doom us all) and have ranged from analyst to product development, solutions architect to tech director. I’ve been fortunate to work across an interesting mix of Telco / ISP / Datacentre providers, Finance, iGaming, IT MSP and the whole spectrum of Public Sector service environments in both local and global contexts.

The foundation of my tech skillset was digital electronics and hardware repair, on which was initially layered some Unix Sys Admin, followed by networking and ISP stuff… but things have expanded a lot since then.

I love learning new stuff (and never stop), so have a mildly eclectic and deep skillset now in datacentre design / infrastructure, network architecture, Infosec (ISO, PCI), ITSM / Ops management and most recently Hyperscale Cloud and Microservices.

20 years ago, I was deeply involved in Europe’s first 3G launch in the Isle of Man and a number of those key innovators are now leading stacuity.

I’ve been following the team as they have evolved over the last 2 years and was excited by both the progress they’ve made and the future potential. Plus, it was evident I could help – so here we are!

My career really hasnt been very linear, and as those who know me will attest, Im a bit of a geek. Ive seen the approach of if its not broke, dont fix it really backfire in the past, and Im massively driven by new tech and innovation. That can mean just rethinking things through a new lens  it doesnt always have to be an adventure in uncharted territory... although thats a lot of fun.

Stacuity sits with one foot in a somewhat traditional Telco space, but the other foot is rapidly heading in an adventurous direction.

Mike and the team have developed some really clever solutions that introduce valuable innovation whilst complimenting the current market offerings. Im really excited to join the team and contribute to this as stacuity expands.

My main focus will be to take operational lead on the tech environment and infrastructure as the company and platform grow in to a more global context.

This will see me deploying additional PoPs and expanding our connectivity working with our partners at Comfone and utilising the Equinix Fabric solution whilst ensuring we optimise security at all times.

There are benefits for anyone that has endpoints running in an IoT context (i.e. any kind of device with a SIM in it) that wants more granular control and security around their endpoint connection.

Some of the really interesting / unique aspects of the stacuity offering that are getting me excited go deeper than the obvious security / control elements, allowing useful eventdriven automation and data gathering. That functionality is now available in real time on a pay as you go basis from stacuity!

There has been lots of info (tech and otherwise) to take in, and as well be expanding our geographic PoP and Datacentre footprint substantially in the coming weeks, I have definitely had to hit the ground running, but everyone is great, the work is interesting... so in short, its been fab.

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