Customer type


The Challenge

A customer of an IoT MVNO requires a new estate of SIMs to be limited to roam exclusively on specific mobile networks in particular countries, and at throttled speeds on specific mobile networks in other particular countries.

Traditionally, the IoT MVNO requests that their mobile operator connectivity supplier sets up new HLR and Steering profiles to support the customer.

This is time-consuming, costly and inflexible. If the configuration needs to change further down the line, another change request/project is required.

Stacuity Solution

With stacuity, network operator policies behaviour are controlled in realtime, by the customer and/or the IoT MVNO, down to the individual SIM level where necessary.

Roaming networks, within each target country can be blocked, selected as a preferred network or selected as a fallback network.

These rules can be applied flexibly by the customer, to individual SIMs or groups of SIMs.

The multitenant architecture of the stacuity platform means that IoT MVNOs can empower their customers to selfserve these capabilities, who can empower their customers, and so on…

Key Features

  • Real-time control of network operator policies
  • Turning telecoms projects into self-serve features for customers
  • Reduce running costs
  • Define sophisticated data routing policies, by SIM
  • White-labelled and scalable multi-tenant platform architecture

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