Advanced Testing Feature

In addition to the ability to undertake real time packet capture – stacuity have now added the ability to self-configure rate limit connection speeds and discard a percentage of packets. This features enables customers to simulate how devices may behave under impaired network connectivity.

Devices and applications need to work in a variety of different network conditions.

  • Rural coverage is very different from urban, and different generations of technology (such as 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G) provide very different data speeds.
  • Devices moving into areas of poor signal strength (such as mountainous areas), congested networks (such as a stadium) or degraded infrastructure (such as following a natural disaster) can experience ‘packet loss’ – with some data going missing in transit. Indoor coverage and performance can also be very different from outdoor performance.

It is imperative that IoT deployments take this into account – and in particular, test how the devices and applications respond in varying conditions so they can be tuned and optimised. This testing is typically very difficult – and so in most cases is limited to standard baseline connectivity which might be significantly better than will be experienced in the field. Typically, the only other option is to use specialised network testing equipment – which is complex and costly.

Using the stacuity network, a wide variety of real-world conditions can be simulated by artificially reducing network speed and introducing packet-loss. This allows IoT applications to be properly optimised prior to launch, and following changes, resulting in a more reliable production system, fewer faults, and a better experience for users.

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