Customer type

Telecare Solution Provider

The Challenge

Monitoring devices can lose their ability to send critical alarm messages and/or receive critical response calls (for example, due to a fault or power outage), without the solution provider being aware.

This means that critical alerts can be missed.

Typically, solution providers create processes to regularly ping devices and monitor the responses.

Responses outside of agreed SLAs are escalated via alerts for management attention.

Establishing and managing this additional platform creates cost and operational complexity.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, the reachability of devices is monitored at the network level via signalling, meaning that solution providers avoid the cost and complexity of operating separate monitoring platforms.

In addition, solution providers can self-define geo-fenced areas for SIMs or groups of SIMs and set-up network event based notifications, if SIMs stray outside of the geo-fenced area.

Similarly, if the battery runs out, or the device fails or goes out of coverage, alerts can be generated giving the last known location of the device.

Key Features

  • Control via full-featured API
  • Monitor network events in real-time
  • Reduce running costs
  • Intelligent connectivity network
  • Turning telecoms projects into self-serve features for customers

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