Customer type

IoT MVNO / Mobile Operator

The Challenge

IoT devices (e.g. air quality monitors, fuel tank sensors, location trackers) are often configured to report data to a back-end application, for analysis purposes.

This results in sudden increases in traffic which can be difficult to accommodate on the network. In particular, when there is an outage (planned/unplanned) of the back-end application or connectivity, devices are unable to register their readings.

As they retry repeatedly, network congestion can rapidly escalate causing network disruption, lost data and downtime.

In this situation, IoT MVNOs working with their customers and mobile operator suppliers, need to manually deescalate the issue by taking devices off-line and then carefully, progressively reintroducing them. This is time intensive and error-prone work.

Depending on the capabilities of the devices, valuable sensor data may be lost in the resulting downtime.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, the network can be configured to quickly accept/acknowledge data readings from IoT devices.

As the reading has been accepted, the device does not continue to try to send it.

These readings can then be stored within the stacuity network and delivered to the back-end application in a controlled way e.g. when planned maintenance is completed.

In this way, the risk of disruptive network congestion and consequential data loss is minimised.

Key Features

  • Reduce running costs
  • Reduce network congestion risk
  • Intelligent connectivity network
  • Create valuable and differentiated connectivity services
  • Control via full-featured API

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