Customer type

Highway Maintenance Operator

The Challenge

A highway maintenance operator needs to deploy a large number of IoT devices in streetlamps and roadside furniture.

These devices, once deployed, will be inaccessible, making future configuration changes costly and inconvenient.

Traditionally, to mitigate this, a device management platform is used. This allows configuration changes to be sent out centrally.

However, this means that the devices need to be relatively sophisticated and compatible with the device management platform (which is also proprietary).

stacuity solution

With stacuity, no changes are required on the devices themselves, significantly reducing operating costs by removing the need for costly field visits.

SIMs are easily be locked to the IMEIs of their host devices, so any SIMs which are stolen immediately stop working.

The operator is notified via a webhook that they have set-up, if this ever happens.

In addition, the operator can easily and securely access each SIM, via the SSH capability embedded in the stacuity portal.

Key Features

  • Reduce running costs
  • Manage ‘dumb’ device configuration in the network
  • Define sophisticated data routing policies, by SIM
  • Secure device access via SSH
  • Increase security with IMEI lock

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