LTE connectivity is a type of technology that simplifies the set up and management of internet connections.

In the context of SD-WAN there are several advantages:

  • Instant Deployment: Unlike legacy technologies that often have long lead-times for physical installation; LTE allows rapid deployment particularly in remote locations.
  • Redundancy: Disruptions to connectivity can often be outside of the end user’s control. LTE acts as an effective backup adding redundancy and guaranteeing connectivity when the primary connection goes down.
  • Widely Available: LTE is now widely recognised and available; this has enabled businesses to access high-speed internet connectivity globally on demand.

Why chose stacuity as your LTE provider?

  • Stacuity offers global coverage across 600 networks in more than 180 countries – enabling you to instantly deploy connectivity anywhere.
  • We offer the ability to seamlessly provision, self-configure site-to-site VPNs or establish direct connectivity to public cloud services.
  • Our features enable advanced security with direct control over routing policies, allowing you to dictate what traffic is permitted on the network.
  • Our regional gateways offer low-latency breakout from servicing operator networks; you can specify the optimal region for internet breakout. Also enabling you to meet any in country or regulatory data requirements.
  • You can control costs with real-time data usage, allowing you to monitor precisely when and where data is being consumed.
  • Our single-pane-of-glass interface simplifies management and self-provision in real time.

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