One of the most commons reasons for failed EV charging sessions is failed connectivity.

Data suggests that more than 55% of all charging failures come from a station not being able to connect to the service provider for verification.

As most EV charging networks use mobile connectivity in their stations it is imperative that they have reliably and stable connectivity.

As a Connectivity Provider – how can you differentiate your solution for this growing requirement in the EV marketplace, other than selling at lowest price?

Stacuity Differential

Stacuity’s self configurable features enable your customers to benefit from the following advanced levels of control, time and ESG efficiencies:-

  • Operator Policy – our operator policy enables automatic failover to your alternative network preferences should your primary network connection fail.
  • Multi IMSI SIMs – our multi IMSI SIMs enable failover to an alternative operator, whilst using the same back-end integration, should the primary operator have an interruption to service ensuring the highest levels of uptime.
  • Packet Capture – our real-time packet capture supports fault resolution offering the ability to download the packet capture into your preferred analysis tool.
  • Remote Access: SSH Proxy – enables a secure shell session to the end device directly from within the Stacuity portal.
  • Remote Access: HTTP Publisher – enables secure web-based remote access to the end device without the need to expose the device to the internet.
  • Key Value Store – ability to push configuration data to our edge repository for access from the edge device which allows configuration updates to happen asynchronously.

With Stacuity this capability is configurable by the customer through the Stacuity Portal or via our API, enabling routing changes to be made in real-time, anytime, with full audit logs of all activities.

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