Customer type

Utility Network Operator

The Challenge

A power operator uses SIM cards in network monitoring platforms to report faults and also to control the flow of power around remote parts of their distribution network.

These devices are widely distributed and are inflexible and risky to change.

Increasing regulatory oversight brings an obligation for the operator to tightly control the security of the devices and although they can be ‘hardened’ to some extent, since they are out in the field they are vulnerable to tampering by bad actors.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, security policies relating to each SIM are controlled directly by customers, in the core network.

For example, the ability to access devices is controlled by customers in real-time and traffic is protected end-to-end by VPN encryption, which is also managed by customers themselves.

As the customer’s security policy evolves, they can change security settings in the stacuity network, without needing to physically interact with the devices in the field.

If the devices start acting abnormally – suggesting a compromise or malfunction – this can be identified centrally. Customers can self-define how they want to be notified of such events and determine how suspicious devices should be treated e.g. temporarily disconnected from the rest of the network until they can be proven to be benign.

What’s more, the operator can easily and securely access each SIM, via the SSH capability embedded in the stacuity portal, further increasing flexibility and reducing operating costs.

Key Features

  • Security-as-a-service in the network
  • Reduce running costs
  • Manage ‘dumb’ device configuration in the network
  • Define sophisticated data routing policies, by SIM
  • Secure device access via SSH
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