Customer type

Retail POS Terminal Provider

The Challenge

POS terminal providers must maintain secure connectivity to their large estate of payment processing devices.

Configuration of POS terminals devices is tightly controlled at the point of provisioning.

This set-up process is error prone. Plus it is very difficult to change configuration once devices have been deployed.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, detailed security and data routing policies are managed by the POS terminal provider themselves, at the network level, enabling complete and realtime control of device connectivity, inlife.

Customers are in control of terminal IP addressing – fixed, pooled or dynamic.

Groups of terminals, down to the individual device/SIM level if required, can be configured in different ways, according to bespoke needs of the end users.

In addition, the operator can easily and securely access each SIM, via the SSH capability embedded in the stacuity portal, further increasing flexibility and reducing operating costs.

Key Features

  • Virtual private network per SIM (“VSlices”)
  • Security-as-a-service in the network
  • Flexible control of endpoint IP addressing
  • Secure device access via SSH
  • Define sophisticated data routing policies, by SIM

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