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The Challenge

Internet-connected IoT devices are vulnerable to security breaches, attacks or disruption (malicious or otherwise).

This is typically mitigated by careful configuration of the device to block suspicious, unexpected or malformed traffic – but this configuration is difficult to maintain and limited in its effectiveness.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, as data is passed to or from the device, it can be analysed in real time using AI, ML or similar techniques to spot abnormal or suspicious activity.

Customers can self-configure alerts, based on relevant rules.

Customers can also self-define data routing policies which would, for example, automatically isolate suspicious devices from the network until they are proven to be secure.

Key Features

  • Security-as-a-service in the network
  • Create valuable and differentiated connectivity services
  • Define sophisticated data routing policies, by SIM
  • Simple partner integration via API
  • Optimised data routing, including direct-to-cloud

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