Customer type

IoT Logistics Tracking Solution Provider

The Challenge

Tracking Solution Providers want to deliver integrated analytics experiences to their customers via ‘single pane of glass’ views, which combine tracking sensor and mobile connectivity data, to create an integrated picture of performance.

Traditionally, they are forced to control their end-to-end service via two siloed platforms – tracking data (from their own system) and mobile connectivity (from their IoT MVNO’s portal).

Combining data from these two sources creates complexity and additional work/cost.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, customers have visibility of and an ability to interact with all network events, in real-time.

The customer’s development team is therefore able to integrate their application tightly the stacuity network, via stacuity’s full-featured API.

Real-time connectivity performance data is combined with tracking sensor data, to build an integrated and comprehensive picture of tracking solution performance.

As a true ‘single pane of glass’, this avoids the cost and complexity of coordinating reporting activities across multiple platforms.

What’s more, the customer’s development team can configure webhook notifications based on network events impacting individual SIMs or groups of SIMs.

So, for example, if a SIM moves out of a geo-fenced area or is inserted into a non-approved device, the customer is alerted.

Key Features

  • Reduce running costs
  • Control via full-featured API
  • Monitor network events in real-time
  • Global coverage across more than 500 networks
  • Increase security with IMEI lock

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