Customer type

IoT MVNO / Mobile Operator

The Challenge

Mobile Operators and IoT MVNOs operate eSIM solutions, so that their customers can easily switch between IMSIs, according to cost, service quality or regulatory requirements.

The traditional solution involves customers either integrating into each IMSI donor’s network directly or performing complex and error-prone reconfiguration each time the active profile is switched or replaced.

stacuity solution

Stacuity aggregates the integrations from each IMSI donor’s network, creating a seamless service for downstream customers.

When the active profile on an eSIM is updated, the stacuity platform manages the corresponding configuration changes in the network.

Device settings do not need to change and the customer does not need to change any other configuration settings.

New upstream profiles can be introduced at a later date without any changes to the customer’s systems or experience.

Customers are in control of endpoint IP addressing (fixed, pooled or dynamic) and associated routing.

Key Features

  • Simple integration with upstream connectivity providers
  • Flexible control of endpoint IP addressing
  • Creating a seamless service across multiple APNs/IMSIs
  • Distributed architecture supporting local break-out
  • Turning telecoms projects into self-serve features for customers

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