Customer type

IoT Connected Health Start-Up

The Challenge

A start-up with an innovative connected health application wants to run a trial to prove and demonstrate their proposition initially with 20 SIMs.

The application is sensitive, so needs enhanced security and privacy.

Traditionally, they would need to find a mobile operator who is prepared to support them by, for example configuring a private APN, and then embark on a costly and time-consuming project, which is impractical for a start-up.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, the start-up accesses advanced features, such as virtual private networks and sophisticated controls over data routing policies, in real-time, with just one programmable SIM.

There are no minimum commitments required and our pay-as-you-grow commercial model allows them to scale their costs in line with their revenues.

Their development team controls and optimises their configuration throughout the testing phase.

Once the solution is proven, they can scale-up from 20 SIMs to 20,000 SIMs, seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Start with just one SIM
  • Scale-up seamlessly
  • Virtual private network per SIM (“VSlices”)
  • Define sophisticated data routing policies, by SIM
  • Real-time, granular control of connectivity

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