Customer type


The Challenge

Customers buying mobile connectivity from IoT MVNOs increasingly demand that their traffic is segregated from other customers’ traffic and is delivered securely and privately, end to end.

Traditionally, the IoT MVNO requests that their mobile operator connectivity supplier sets-up a Private APN for the customer. This is time-consuming, costly and requires reconfiguration on each IoT device.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, virtual secure networks (“VSlices”) are created and/or reconfigured by the IoT MVNO and/or the customer themselves, in minutes, down to the individual SIM level where necessary.

This enables the IoT MVNO to win and/or keep more connectivity business from its customers.

It also reduces the IoT MVNOs reliance on its mobile operator supplier(s) to set-up private APNs, saving the IoT MVNO valuable time and money.

The multi-tenant architecture of the stacuity platform means that IoT MVNOs can empower their customers to create VSlices, who can empower their customers and so on…

Key Features

  • Create valuable and differentiated connectivity services
  • Reduce running costs
  • Virtual private network per SIM (“VSlices”)
  • Turning telecoms projects into self-serve features for customers
  • White-labelled and scalable multi-tenant platform architecture

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