Customer type

Music Festival Organiser

The Challenge

The organizer of a music festival needs to support a diverse set of devices across the festival site, such as ePOS terminals, card payment terminals, car park machines, security cameras and water tank level monitors etc.

These devices all have different requirements in terms of performance, criticality, security.

They are only used for a short period, in the week leading up to the festival and for the few days of the event itself.

stacuity solution

With stacuity, distinct virtual secure networks are created for each relevant group of SIMs, enabling consistent configurations to be applied to each and changed, if required, at the network level.

Data routing policies are configured, in real-time, to ensure that data is always routed back to the appropriate applications.

SIMs can easily be locked to the IMEIs of their host devices, so any SIMs which are stolen immediately stop working. The operator is notified via a webhook that they have set-up, if this ever happens.

At the end of the event, these virtual networks are decommissioned but the configurations are stored, for future reuse.

Plus, with stacuity, customers only pay when SIMs are active. So, operating costs are tightly controlled.

Key Features

  • SIM to SIM connectivity
  • Reduce running costs
  • Virtual private network per SIM (“VSlices”)

  • Agile network configuration for groups of SIMs
  • Optimised data routing, including direct-to-cloud

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