Welcome Tadhackers! It’s Time To Order Your SIM

We want to get you up and running with your programmable IoT SIM as soon as possible.

Important: please first make sure that you have registered your participation in TADHack 2023 via their site (see link below).

Then, please share your details in the form below so that we can send the SIM to you.

Some simple terms apply:

  • We will send each hacker one SIM.

  • Activating your SIM is easy  just scan the QR code on the SIM itself.

  • Once activated, you will have £5 of airtime credit in your account to play with.

  • You can learn all about our programmable network, our API and how to make the most of our service here.

  • If you need more SIMs or airtime credit for your particular use case, just let us know by emailing support@stacuity.com.

  • Our SIMs will work on more than 500 mobile networks in more than 100 countries. We will do our very best to make sure that you get connected. However, based on your location there is always a (slim) chance that this will not be possible.  If you have any issues, please just email us at support@stacuity.com.

  • All requests for SIMs must be received by midnight on 13th October, so that we have time to distribute the SIMs to you before the weekend of TADHack itself.  We will do our best to support any requests that come in later than this but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible.

Thank you for your interest in stacuity!

We cant wait to see what you can build on your own slice of the global mobile network.

Team stacuity.

TADHack 2023

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