stacuity FLEX is an intelligent edge network and data router.
Using FLEX, IoT MVNOs and Mobile Operators can create seamless, valuable connectivity services.

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What is FLEX?

> Intelligent edge network and router, for controlling IoT data routing and security.
> Simple integration with host mobile operators' existing networks.
> Controlled via API and portal, with no need for specialist telecoms skills.

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Why choose stacuity FLEX?

IoT MVNOs and mobile operators can accelerate growth and enhance connectivity service margins, by using stacuity FLEX to innovate and differentiate.

Benefits for IoT


Simple, one-off, standards-based integration with upstream mobile operators - the last APN you will ever need.


Combine connectivity from multiple upstream operators into a single, unified, consistent service.


Control this unified service in real-time, empowering customers to manage security policies, VPNs, routing and IP addressing.


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Benefits for Mobile


Strengthen security credentials by empowering customers to create, configure and control private slices of connectivity.


Build value-added connectivity services for IoT MVNO and Enterprises customers, enhancing service margins.


Improve agility and customer experience, whilst reducing pressure on internal engineering resources.


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Innovative & efficient

Key features:


Quickly route SIM traffic via the stacuity FLEX platform, on a white-label basis.


Customers can self-serve private slices of connectivity in real-time, via portal and API, instead of requesting new private APNs.  This makes it easy for them to set-up software-defined, private/secure networks for IoT SIMs.


Customers have complete flexibility to manage device VPNs at the network level, so that even dumb devices can be well protected.


Customers can self-define policies to filter and dynamically route traffic, down to the individual IMSI level if required.


Customers can tightly control the policies which determine how SIMs connect, with access limited to a single trusted IP address, if required.


Endpoint IP addressing and routing are controlled by customers (fixed, pooled or dynamic), simplifying integration, monitoring and management.


Multiple upstream IMSIs can be combined into a single, consistent service, for unified management, routing and control.

#Cost effective

Pay-as-you-grow commercial model, with minimal set-up costs.


Fully redundant, scalable and secure cloud-centric service.

# Global

Global edge network supports local breakout for internet or private connectivity.

> the future of IoT connectivity is here.

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