Chris is an industry legend with multiple decades experience in the telecommunication sector.

After 12 years leading Manx Telecom, Chris now holds multiple Non Exec roles and is an experienced and successful Angel investor.

Here’s what Chris had to say about his role as an angel investor and involvement in Stacuity.

Tell us how you select companies you invest in?

I focus on early-stage technology companies which are highly scalable. The most important factors for me are

a) is there is a real and significant business problem to be solved?

b) is the solution innovative, differentiated and will customers pay for it?

c) do the team have a deep understanding of the sector, previous experience of growing a business and the resilience to succeed?

How long have you been involved with Stacuity?

In early 2021 Mike Bromwich showed me an early proof of concept of the Stacuity software defined mobile network which he had built over the COVID lockdown. The innovative technology was extremely impressive, but even more exciting was how the architecture enabled a raft of valuable new self-serve control and security features which cannot be delivered using legacy connectivity solutions. It was a very easy decision to come onboard as a co-founder.

What does the role of Chairman involve?

As chair, my main formal responsibilities are to ensure that we have good governance, a robust business plan and to lead on our funding rounds. Beyond this every week is different and my priority is to support the team in the best way I can, either with advice, constructive challenge or by rolling up my sleeves to carry out specific tasks.

Why did you select Stacuity?

I enjoy doing new things in new ways and Stacuity is at the forefront of introducing innovation into the IoT connectivity sector. But the main reason is the people. I have known and worked with the co-founders over many years and they are each exceptional at what they do and together bring an fantastic blend of industry experience, technical excellence and commercial acumen. We also have a great culture and have recruited some outstanding people to execute our ambitious plans.

What are your predictions for Stacuity in the coming 12 months?

For the industry the increasing focus on digital transformation will see increasing demand from enterprises to connect and monitor “things”. IT teams will demand the cloud style agility Stacuity bring to mobile connectivity so they can quickly and efficiently teat and deploy new services.

For Stacuity its going to be really exciting to see a wide range of new uses cases being deployed during the year. Beyond this this I can confidently predict it is going to be a very busy year and the team will work hard and play hard.

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